Month: December 2008

  • I speak Esperanto, the t-shirt

    I speak Esperanto, the t-shirt

    I’ve designed a t-shirt. In the front it says “Mi parolas Esperanton”. In the back it says: I speak Esperanto Yo hablo Esperanto Ich spreche Esperanto Je parle espéranto 我说世界语 Я говорю на эсперанто Io parlo Esperanto You can buy it now.

  • Bokken (木剣)

    Pictures of my new and first bokken (木剣).

  • Full body on feeds (RSS) in Plone 3

    A friend of mine complained that after switching to my new site (from WordPress to Plone 3) my feeds stopped containing the full article and only the body. So this is how I fix it. Searching for how to fix it on the Internet I’ve found several articles (and I’m adding one more!): PLONE 3…