Month: August 2009

  • Get the keyboard layout you want

    I started using computers ages ago in Argentina. We only had US Qwerty keyboards back then and I’ve got used to them. The Spanish keyboards appeared later on and I never switched. I never understood what was the deal with those. I can type almost any character I want with a US Qwerty keyboard, even […]

  • File input for forms in ASP.NET MVC

    I’m not sure why ASP.NET MVC was shipped without a file input type for forms. Maybe it’ll come in MVC 2.0 or 3.0. Meanwhile, I created one. I spent two or three hours trying to figure out how to go from Object to IDictionary<String, Object> to follow the same ASP.NET MVC style where you have […]

  • Music for coding

    Music for coding

    I’ve been looking for ages for the perfect music for coding. I’ve asked around and tried new age, Mozart, Bach, and other academic music. I’ve tried instrumental soothing music and instrumental electronic music. Nothing worked until I started to expand my original coding music: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Yes, I used to code […]

  • SSL with multiple virtual hosts and only one IP

    I was writing this long post about how to use rewrite rules to make Apache query itself and serve various sites through the same SSLed virtual host using only one IP. After about four hours of struggling with it I thought I was done but then while writing this article I found out I was […]

  • Proper linking ettiquete

    This has been mentioned thousands of times on the interwebs, but in case there’s at least one person reading this that didn’t know it, I’m explaining it again. Using hyperlinks in a piece of text doesn’t mean it has to stop being proper, readable English (or any other language). For example, imagine the phrase: It was […]