I said I was done for the day more than 6 hours ago, but I love to code, I couldn’t stop. I wanted to implement a small feature: make the creation of new weights simpler for the common case and I did it:


Note: That change is not yet deployed. I don’t play with servers while I’m half-asleep.

This took awfully long. The problem was that in the process I’ve found a bug in Formtastic, which made me realize I was running version 0.2.4 when the latest version was 0.9.2. That is because I was using justinfrench-formtastic:

config.gem 'formtastic', :lib => 'justinfrench-formtastic'

when I should have been using formtastic from gemcutter:

config.gem 'formtastic'

When I moved to 0.9.2 I’ve found two bugs on it, one was temporary solved and then reverted (and I fixed it by reverting the revertion) and the other is still there but I’m not 100% confident my solution is the appropriate one. At any rate I forked Formtastic in GitHub, fixed the bugs and made a merge request.

Conclusion: Git is great, GitHub is great, Formtastic is great, open source is great, Rails is great and yes, I am great ;)