I’ve looked at the various ssl_requirement repositories out there. I concluded the most modern and maintained version is yardstick’s which is released as a gem called sslrequirement, but I’ve failed to use it properly. So I just did it by hand.

First, we need a simple method that will let us know whether SSL is enabled or not. We don’t want to redirect to SSL in development mode because it’ll fail. In the application controller I’ve created:

  def ssl_enabled?
    !(Rails.env.development? || Rails.env.test?)

Switching to SSL is not only a matter of redirecting. If you show a login or signup form in your homepage, like I do in Restraq, you want that to point to https even if the page was loaded as http. So I’ve added this helper method in the application controller:

  def https
    ssl_enabled? ? "https://" : "http://"
  helper_method :https

and then for the forms I just do this:

form_for ..., :url => session_url(resource_name, :protocol => https)


form_for ..., :url => registration_url(resource_name, :protocol => https)

And then the redirection part, which is a before filter in the application controller because I want to redirect when hitting Devise controllers:

  def enforce_ssl_if_needed
    if request.protocol == "http://" && ssl_enabled? &&
            (controller_name == "registrations" || controller_name == "sessions")
      redirect_to :protocol => https
    return true

and that’s it. I’m not actually testing it yet. For a similar solution with tests you might want to check out SSLShopper’s article about this.

3 responses to “Redirect to SSL in Rails applications”

  1. Rymaï Avatar


    Rack is perfect for SSL redirection, you should check rack-ssl-enforcer! ;)


  2. tomo Avatar

    Thanks for this useful article. It helps me a lot.
    You might wan to use following code to redirect.
    redirect_to params.merge(:protocol => ‘https’)

  3. Woodj78 Avatar

    would this work with wildcard SSL aswell

    I have just bought one from http://www.ssl247.co.uk/ssl-certificates/type/wildcard and i can not get it to work now :(

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