Picture by *-Adrienne-*.

I heard someone advice someone else:

Do something uncomfortable every day.

It became part of my life philosophy. I am afraid to lose, like everybody else I presume, so I avoid situations in which I could lose. By doing that I’m also avoiding situations in which I could win.

When doing something uncomfortable, even when I lose, I get experience. When I lose by not doing I’m truly losing. I have this among my favorite quotes:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

— Neale Donald Walsch

Today, I went completely out of my comfort zone. I was walking downtown Buenos Aires when I noticed a guy with two telescopes, both fixed with tape, both used a lot, with the following poster: “Watch the Moon for $1, two for $1.5.”

I watched the Moon, my wife watched it and then I did it. I waited for a lot of people to go by and I shouted: “Do you want to watch the Moon? I’m paying! Do you want to watch the Moon? I’m paying!”

Adults were kind of avoiding me, but kids were curious so I redirected my attention to them. “Hey, kid, do you want to watch the Moon?”. He nodded, so I directed him to the telescope. I noticed other families with kids watching nearby. “Come on!” I shouted to them signaling them to come. And they did.

There were 5 kids I was paying for. While they were watching a of new people formed to watch the Moon and pay for it by themselves. Suddenly the Moon was cool. One of the parents said to me “Thank you”. I left feeling two meters tall and made of steel. I was superman. This time I won, I kicked ass!