First, watch this:

That’s awesome. Let me explain you why it’s awesome.

Tron: Legacy was a sequel to Tron but there isn’t much that makes it a sequel. Actually, there are some contradictions. It seems like they revived the idea, ignored the original and went into another direction.

But that teaser, that teaser picks it up where Tron ended (almost). That teaser explains what really happened. It picks the characters from the original movie, Alan “Tron” and Roy “RAM” and puts them back in there, with prime time (even if they are no A actors, like Jeff Bridges; and I love Bruce Boxleitner). It also turns Kevin Flynn into a leader, a visionary, a great man.

My wife watched a little bit of it (granted, she doesn’t understand English) and claimed that that is not Tron. And I bel a lot of people are going to find it boring or senseless. To understand it, you need to have seen the first movie and be soaked in the story. Most people aren’t. That’s why this is just a tease and the movie is going to be different, the movie is going to be mainstream like Tron: Legacy.

It’s understandable why the movie is the way it is; they pour a lot of money into it and they want to get it back. They want to get a movie everybody enjoys, not only a few obsessive geeks like myself. But that tease didn’t require a lot of money, and makes the geek in me very, very happy.

The Star Trek franchise was only for geeks and that might be what made it fail on the big screen (I’m talking pre JJ Abrahams Star Trek). Now, wouldn’t be interested if they made the Tron franchise so that big-screen time tells the generic part of the story, the entertaining ones while they release a tease or a TV-show with a lowed budget filling the gaps for the geeks and obsessive ones who wants to know the whole story?

Imagine something mainstream-appealing as weel as geek-appealing. Wouldn’t that be something?

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