Month: August 2011

  • What do you think about polls?

  • Full URL in Rails’ logs

    I find myself needing to have the full URLs in Rails’ logs. Normally you get something like: but I needed because the app does different things depending on the domain and when it fails, I have to know which URL was hit. The solution I ended up with was adding this in an initializer: That’s […]

  • How to use Lobos with Heroku

    Lobos is a Clojure library to create and alter tables which also supports migrations similar to what Rails can do. I like where Lobos is going but it’s a work in progress, so the information here might be out of date soon, beware! Let’s imagine a project called px (for Project X of course) with […]

  • My first steep to borghood

    I wish my first step to borghood was something cooler, like a laser eye, but nevertheless I’m extremely thankful to the men and women of science, and engineering, that challenged nature and decided that humans are repairable. I’m no longer 100% organic, what you see in the picture is inside of me, part of me. It’s […]

  • Why I love Lisp

    This post was extracted from a small talk I gave at Simplificator, where I work, titled “Why I love Smalltalk and Lisp”. There’s another post titled “Why I love Smalltalk” published before this one. Lisp is an old language. Very old. Today there are many Lisps and no single language is called Lisp today. Actually, […]

  • Openair cinema in Interlaken

    I just watched The Blues Brothers in an open air cinema in Interlaken, Switzerland. It was a cinema built in a square on the main street. Free with a bar. They lend blankets for you to put on the chair or cover yourself if you are cold. Some people came with their own cushions. I […]

  • The joyful Clojure example code convention

    I started reading The Joy of Clojure, seems like a great book and I like its example code convention. I’m documenting it here because I’ll adopt it on my blog and I want to be able to link to it. I’ll call it the joyful Clojure example code convention. A simple piece of Clojure code looks like […]

  • Passwords

    At last I find someone that shares my view on passwords: My thinking was similar but not the same. If you make me type symbols, upercase and numbers, you slow me down and make me error prone, giving more time for other people to figure out my password. If it’s a long phrase, all lowercase, […]

  • A little personal success

    This page, my blog,, is now hosted on instead of my own server; and that’s is a little personal success. Let me explain. I tend to be a control freak. I have my own servers. I run my own nameservers. I used to run my own mailserver but some time ago I switched […]