I recently moved to London and I’m looking for a flatshare close to the office. I went to see one and after we did the usual tour of the whole house and we sat down for a little chat, something unexpected happened… the lights went off.

A big dark house
Picture by Ben Gilman

The lights and everything. Total black out. The woman receiving me quickly confirmed that it was the whole block. I suppose we both felt better about it. It wasn’t something wrong at the house.

I used the flashlight… or should I say torch? in my phone and she was glad we got some light. The situation was less than ideal… but some laugh, light some candles and it would have been alright. Something else happened.

The alarm… that alarm that is installed at the house but nobody uses and it’s supposedly disabled. That alarm started to making a loud horrible noise. What a pain! We tried calling the numbers in the alarm box but those lines were disconnected. When I left it was still hauling. So weird.

2 responses to “Strange experience when viewing a flat”

  1. Alex Avatar

    alarm for what?

    1. Pablo Avatar

      According to the label, fire and security. I presume it detected the lack of power and started complaining about it. Otherwise you could easily disarm alarms by killing the power to a house.

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