Couple dancing
Photo by mattcornock

I started taking dancing lessons recently. It was something that’s been on my to-do list for maybe half my life… but that’s another story. I went for ballroom and latin dancing lessons at The Dance of Life Studio. I think the teacher, Angelo, is great.

Angelo shows us a move, first to the gents and then to the ladies or the other way around. We practice it by ourselves for a little while and then the expected but also dreaded time comes: to try it out with a partner.

I walk to a partner, take her right hand with my left and set into position. It’s like walking to the edge of a cliff and peek down. The excitement! The expectation! 2… 3… 4… we jump! Most of the time, we crash. Sometimes even literally!

But sometimes, we fly! Together we rise above the horizon and I wish we would never land again. It’s magic!

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  1. loveablestef Avatar

    I think you’ve summed up my entire ballroom experience in a few eloquent words. Sometimes a crash-boom, other times….perfection. Glad you finally started dancing. It will change your life if you let it!


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