Kathrine Switzer running the Boston Marathon

Kathrine Switzer running the Boston Marathon

Woman decides to run the Boston Marathon, never run before by double x-chromosomed individual.

Lesson: thinking that women can’t or shouldn’t do something it’s stupid… sooner or later one will prove you wrong.

One of the organizers of said marathon is outraged and tries to catch her.

Lesson: there’s always going to be stupidity in the world; no matter how better we are there’s always going to be a few idiots out there.

The people she’s running with, the proud coach and the boyfriend help her get rid of the idiot.

Lesson: No matter how much stupidity a single individual can amass, the collective good will of human kind will prevail.

Five years later, women were officially allowed into the marathon. A few decades later, we can’t believe this actually happened because it sounds like a story out of the dark ages.

Lesson: the world is changing, it’s changing fast and it’s changing for the better. Move forward with the world or be left behind, don’t stand on the way or you’ll be run over.