We evolved ten fingers, so there seems to be something specially about how old I am today: 30. Even though I consider 32 or 64 a more round number, it’s impossible not to do some retrospective. Also… because when I was 25 years old, freshly hired by Google, I set myself the goal of being a millionaire by 30. That… didn’t happen. Nevertheless I’m really happy about where I am today and where I’m going.

The matching t-shirt was just a coincidence

My 30s start with me having a job I love, at last, product-building. I’m the CTO of my own startup, Watu. I’m surrounded with extremely capable and smart people.

For the first time in my life I’m living in a city I truly chosen: London. Until now, every city I lived in (hint: many) was a side effect of a good job in that place, or someone else’s decision that I accepted. This time I picked (ironically, the best job of my life followed) and I love it. London is a wonderful place. There’s always stuff to do, there’s so much variety and you can find almost everything.

My 30s also find me weighting 75kg. My impossible dream was to reach 74kg. It no longer seems impossible (I actually touched 74.3kg last week). But that’s not all, I’m also the fittest I ever been, at least as an adult. In the last couple of years I started running, and managed to run 6.25km. Then I jumped into water and I made a splash by breaking my almost 15 year old personal best. I’m already planning to break it again and go for 5km.

On top of that I’m surrounding myself with interesting and fascinating people that I like spending time with. This is probably my biggest challenge ever.

My life is still not yet all that what I want, but I’m getting there.