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  • A programmer’s favourite language

    I’ve discovered something recently. Most programmers have a favourite programming language. No, that’s not it, there’s more to my discovery. Whenever those programmers have an idea they open a text editor and start coding and/or they start playing with a REPL, if they are lucky to like a programming language that provides one. You watch […]

  • Google, here I go!

    Just a quick note: I’ve been hired by Google. I will be a “Software Engineer in Test”. I start to work on May 28th on Dublin, Ireland. We, Sandra and I, are leaving Buenos Aires on May 20th.

  • What part of “no smoking” don’t you understand

    Tired of people smoking right in front of the no smoking signs. State your opinion with a nice shirt: Or a sweatshirt, babydoll, baseball jersey, etc. Also in Spanish (tambien en español).

  • The archer aims at himself

    Last Monday I took my first lesson in archery, that is, shooting arrows with a bow. Some years ago I would have tried to do it myself: go buy a bow and some arrows, find a place to shoot and shoot. But I am really glad I haven’t done that and instead, went to Otendor’s Parlemo branch. There’s so […]