Category: Personal

  • Score Reading Trainer 0.1.4 released

    I have just made a new release of Score Reading Trainer, 0.1.4. This release has a very important bug fix, thanks to Julian Kniephoff. The fix allows to use notes below the first line of the staff without getting the extra lines mixed and eventually crashing. It was also upgraded to compile correctly and easily…

  • A programmer’s favourite language

    I’ve discovered something recently. Most programmers have a favourite programming language. No, that’s not it, there’s more to my discovery. Whenever those programmers have an idea they open a text editor and start coding and/or they start playing with a REPL, if they are lucky to like a programming language that provides one. You watch…

  • Google, here I go!

    Just a quick note: I’ve been hired by Google. I will be a “Software Engineer in Test”. I start to work on May 28th on Dublin, Ireland. We, Sandra and I, are leaving Buenos Aires on May 20th.

  • What part of “no smoking” don’t you understand

    Tired of people smoking right in front of the no smoking signs. State your opinion with a nice shirt: Or a sweatshirt, babydoll, baseball jersey, etc. Also in Spanish (tambien en español).

  • The archer aims at himself

    Last Monday I took my first lesson in archery, that is, shooting arrows with a bow. Some years ago I would have tried to do it myself: go buy a bow and some arrows, find a place to shoot and shoot. But I am really glad I haven’t done that and instead, went to Otendor’s Parlemo branch. There’s so…