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  • The joyful Clojure example code convention

    I started reading The Joy of Clojure, seems like a great book and I like its example code convention. I’m documenting it here because I’ll adopt it on my blog and I want to be able to link to it. I’ll call it the joyful Clojure example code convention. A simple piece of Clojure code looks like […]

  • Getting started with La Clojure on Mac OS X, a visual guide

    These are instructions to get started with Clojure using IntelliJ IDEA, La Clojure and Leiningen for people that don’t know any of those tools. They are for Mac OS X but they may be adaptable to other operating systems as well. It doesn’t expect you to know Clojure or IntelliJ IDEA. I think this might […]

  • Printing the class-path in Clojure

    Let’s compare how we print the class-path in Clojure and how we do it on Java. In Clojure: In Java: To be fair, the output is not the same, but the effect is.

  • Hacking on the Clojure application

    Being able to write, build and run a Clojure application, like I explained in a previous article, is not enough. You also want to hack on it, to iterative code on it, after all, you are using a Lisp. What I mean by iterative coding is something not very few know or do, but it’s […]

  • How to create a Clojure application

    Update: this is not my preferred way to create a Clojure application and shouldn’t be yours either, check out Leiningen This is one of those posts that I publish partly for myself. And partly so people can criticize my way, which is also for myself, and only incidentally for others to learn from it. It […]