Month: September 2007

  • Linux is not an operating system

    Linux is not an operating system

    For the purpose of writing this article I’m going to use the following definition of “operating system”. There are other definitions and I’m not claiming this is the right one. An operating system is a unit of software that you can install in a computer and will let you use the computer, thought a set […]

  • Being a prolific blogger

    Recently my friend Juanjo pointed out how much activity my blog has been having recently. Thinking about it, he is right and there are two reasons why this may be the case: I’m more inspired than usual. I’m not sure if this is the case, and even if it is, it’s not helpful for me […]

  • Freeing Squeak, freeing Smalltalk

    Squeak is by far the best and most complex Smalltalk implementation out there. It may not play well with other operating systems because it is an operating system by itself. It is also one of the most impressive development environments I ever seen. OK, the most impressive. The only thing that bothers me is that […]

  • xkcd clock

    Randall Munroe evidently lives in a world of 12-hs clocks (instead of 24-hs clocks). Or maybe there’s a message beyond my understanding skills.

  • Common Lisp method composition

    I’ve made an image to describe Common Lisp method composition (or CLOS method composition if you want):

  • Score Reading Trainer 0.1.4 released

    I have just made a new release of Score Reading Trainer, 0.1.4. This release has a very important bug fix, thanks to Julian Kniephoff. The fix allows to use notes below the first line of the staff without getting the extra lines mixed and eventually crashing. It was also upgraded to compile correctly and easily […]

  • Joining the OpenID revolution

    After watching the OpenID community grow for years, I finally joined them. I’ve liked the idea from the first day I’ve read about it; aren’t we all tired, after all, of having to remember hundreds of usernames, passwords (sometimes with conflicting constraints: a password must have numbers, a password can’t have numbers)? From OpenID’s web […]

  • Another simplistic solution, with SCons

    SCons is a program designed to replace make and autotools. SCons being a new tool is built with all the knowledge of what problem really this kind of tool should be solving, while make and autotools were built while discovering the real problem. It is natural to expect SCons to have a better design that […]