Ham Radio

I’m a radio amateur. I hold hold these call signs:

  • M0ONP: my main British call sign, the one I’ll be using the most.
  • AC1DM: my american one which I would use when I visit the US.
  • LU5ARC: my first call sign, in Argentina, which I would use when I visit Argentina.
  • M6UON: my foundation level British license. I’m unlikely to ever use this one again.
  • 2E0GGE: my intermediate level British license. I never used it and I’m unlikely to ever do so.

My current station is comprised of:

2018-04-02 15.56.49

Blog posts about Ham Radio

My ham radio licensing journey is now over: M0ONP

A friend of my dad introduced me to ham radio when I was 7 years old. When I was 15 or so I passed my beginner’s exam and then I did nothing with it. I got my call sign when I was 24 years old and moving out of Argentina: LU5ARC. I never used it…

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