Month: June 2012

  • Lessons on the human kind

    Woman decides to run the Boston Marathon, never run before by double x-chromosomed individual. Lesson: thinking that women can’t or shouldn’t do something it’s stupid… sooner or later one will prove you wrong. One of the organizers of said marathon is outraged and tries to catch her. Lesson: there’s always going to be stupidity in […]

  • An idea for a cinema company

    I doubt any cinemas are going to implement this, because like airlines and banks, they seem to be very bad at making software. Nothing surprising there. A few months ago I was searching for a room in London. There are about 4 big sites to do that, so I posted ads on all of them, […]

  • Remove your eyes before coming in

    I took my parents on a virtual tour of London. It’s the second time I do it and I still can’t believe this actually works. We live in the future. This is how I do it: using my phone, an HTC Desire, I call my parents via Skype and I enable video. This is over […]