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  • Creating blog posts in WordPress.com programatically

    Creating blog posts in WordPress.com programatically

    One of my projects, Unbreach, has a database of more than 600 breaches. These come from haveibeenpwned and they are composed of some metadata, a one-paragraph description, and an image. I wanted to improve these with more content, links to articles, tweets, videos, and some content of my own. I decided that a good way […]

  • WordPress.com new editor handles titles right

    WordPress.com new editor handles titles right

    I like my text properly formatted and with pretty much every CMS editor out there I always have some confusion when it comes to titles. The post or page has a title and then sections inside it also have titles and they are second level titles. On most CMS you have the option of titles […]

  • Finally happy with the creation of a web site

    Finally happy with the creation of a web site

    In the past, I never managed to build a web site and feel happy with the process. Every time I finished building a web site I would have a list of things to never do again. Until now! So, I thought I’d share. First, by web site I mean content, like watuapp.com or screensaver.ninja, I […]

  • Uptime: 100%

    This is the first time I see this: ————————————- pupeno.com Service: pupeno.com Outages: 0 Downtime: 0 hrs, 0 mins Uptime: 100.00% ————————————- It was always above 98%, often above 99% and I was proud of that because it was my own crappy server doing it. But now I’m proud of not caring about it, letting someone […]

  • A little personal success

    This page, my blog, pupeno.com, is now hosted on WordPress.com instead of my own server; and that’s is a little personal success. Let me explain. I tend to be a control freak. I have my own servers. I run my own nameservers. I used to run my own mailserver but some time ago I switched […]

  • Reviewers in a WordPress blog

    In an effort to increase the quality of this blog I’ve engaged a couple of friends in reviewing my posts before they go out. I’m after typos, grammar and also “Are you serious? are you going to publish that crap?” or “You are going to get into trouble with that”. The best way to do […]

  • Increasing views without changing content

    Six days ago I’ve switched from Plone to WordPress, again. I want to take my blog and web site into a new direction so I wrote a bunch of  drafts. But something unexpected happened. It already got a new life and I only published one new post (which wasn’t very popular either). Analytics says that […]

  • ReStructured Text on WordPress

    I am coming from the Plone world. My web site used to be Plone and various website I still maintain are still Plone-based. In Plone, one of the formats to write text is ReStructured Text (RST); and Matt has convinced me it is the right way… or at least, one good way. But in the […]