Testimonials for Pablo Fernandez

These testimonials, except for an obvious one, were taken from LikendIn.

Pablo and I have known each other for a long time now. The most striking thing about him is how extremely varied his knowledge, interests and abilities are. I can engage with him on almost any matter, at any level of complexity.

In a professional context, we have worked together a number of times, usually in a B2B. He is one of those rare people who understands both business and technology. I am constantly learning from him how to do things better — and not incrementally, but leaps and jumps. He is an excellent manager of people and takes their abilities, progress and wellbeing far more seriously than anyone I’ve ever met.

His executive-level guidance and advice is right on the money. It is a treat to work with someone who doesn’t just fix broken things, but turns good things into great things. And everyone I know that has ever been foolish enough not to take his advice has always regretted it later.

Pablo is someone that I can see being a substantial influence on me and my work for many more decades to come.

Justin Megawarne, Managing Partner, Megaslice

Jess Poore

I really enjoyed and benefited from working with Pablo. It’s not often that Marketing and the development team have such a close relationship however Pablo felt like one of my closest stakeholders and colleagues at Wifinity. He was helpful, understanding, supportive and inspirational all at the same time. He created such a great collaborative way of working, had a great relationship with his team and showed me many new ways of working. In particular how to lead teams in an effective and collaborative way that are remotely based. Thank you Pablo. Please keep in touch and good luck with your next adventure.

Jess Poore, Founder of The Together Club

David Norris

I worked with Pablo during the lockdown and when I looked to him and his team for examples of “what good looks like” as a remote/distributed team (as this was the set up for the team prior to Covid), I can say that Pablo had created an environment made up of the right people and where each team member felt valued and was able to function without the need to be located in the same physical environment. Best of luck with your next adventure Pablo!

David Norris, HR Director, Wifinity

Goran Jovic

I met Pablo while he was forming a new distributed development team at Wifinity which I then joined.

He has a unique combination of strong technical skills and good grasp of the business side of things, which allowed him to very quickly set up a distributed team from scratch, bootstrap it with an amazing workplace culture, team spirit and group cohesion. And, of course, deliver results even within the first few months.

The top project we worked on involved a high risk integration of a large IP acquisition. Pablo successfully navigated between the management, various teams in the company, external service providers and all other affected parties. The way he organized it ensured that the whole process went relatively smooth and his crisis management skills would kick in whenever we’d encounter an obstacle in the plan. He turned what could have become a chaotic process into a successful, predictable and even a bit routine set of operations.

I genuinely enjoyed working with Pablo and I hope we’ll get a chance to work again. And meanwhile I’m happy and honored to call him a friend.

Goran Jovic, Clojure Consultant

Lauren Pither

Pablo is an exceptional individual – a credible expert in his field and an inspirational leader.

He built and managed a remote team with great success and fostered a strong team ethos of commitment, focus, accountability, empathy and creativity.

Working alongside Pablo was a joy, he is meticulous, balanced and full of logic – always with an open mind, and capable of navigating any challenge that comes his way.

I would jump at the opportunity to work with you again, Pablo!

Lauren Pither, Service Delivery Manager, ITEK UK

Picture of Vladimir Filipović

Pablo co-founded Carousel as CTO and I joined around the time he became CEO. He kept on acting as CTO and also as a developer during a time of transition into a fully remote company, which I joined from Serbia as other people joined from other countries.

Despite the distributed nature of the company, Pablo was brilliant at building a good culture that made us all feel included, developers and non-developers alike. He organized games and movie nights for everybody to participate from home.

During this time, Pablo had to make up for the skills that we were missing when his business partner left, including marketing, sales, product validation, business development, etc. He took his usual approach of reading books, trying things out and figuring out what works. I was very impressed with how quickly and competently he managed to grow into those areas.

Vladimir Filipović, Software Engineer

Jordan Bundy

I had the absolute pleasure of working under, and being mentored by, J. Pablo Fernández during his tenure at Wifinity. Pablo is one of the rare leaders that has a solid understanding of both business needs and technical engineering. He consistently led our small team to success, outperforming the expectations placed on us and impressing the rest of the company. He has clear vision, acts decisively, is well liked by his peers, is rational and calm, but also energetic and engaging.

I would recommend Pablo for any leadership position, especially one looking for someone with aptitude in building and managing remote teams. Not only does he have the experience and ability to create success for a company, but he’s an excellent colleague and a joy to work with.

Jordan Bundy, Owner and Developer, Viid inc.

Pablo was one of the first people I worked with joining the company, and it was immediately apparent that his breadth of experience made him an extremely versatile and reliable colleague.

An excellent and considered communicator, he thoughtfully relayed advice and opinions and was always more than happy to teach on a process or topic that I was unfamiliar with.

If Pablo said something could be done and within a certain time frame, you knew that was what was going to happen.

Andy Moss, Director of Operations, Eligible

From his interview it was very clear that Pablo stood out as a good communicator, being able to adapt his style and technical depth to his audience.

I worked closely with him at Eligible in which he showed a lot of curiosity and a good understanding of our industry, that is, mortgages.

I can’t judge his technical expertise, but the product he built just works and so does the team he put in place to maintain it and evolve it. Pablo was consistently a strong stable presence at the company whether things were go according to plan and equally if there were not.

I truly enjoyed working with Pablo and he will be asset far beyond just his technical expertise where ever he decides to employ his considerable intellect.

Sevveriano Stewart, Head of Intermediary & Network Relationships, Dashly

Rémi Sultan

I really miss working today with Pablo and the team at Wifinity. Life events made me go sideways and I unfortunately had to leave the team. Pablo has a great sense of Software and knows how to translate business needs into production tools. He is a very thoughtful remote manager and considers his teammates as equal. During these 8 months my life has never been so flexible thanks to his insight and understanding of work life balance. Thank you Pablo.

I am sure will see each other again!

Rémi Sultan, Lead Software Engineer

Pablo and I worked together at Eligible.ai where he was CTO. I joined a few months after him, whilst he was building a team – hiring and training developers. As sales director, I found that Pablo always made it easy to communicate with him. He is able to make technical matters understandable for non-technical team members and he showed an active interest in helping sales grow by using technology, improving efficiency and having better demo environments for clients.

Hemel Shah, Customer Operations Director at Wifinity

Pablo, is a great teacher and so fun to work with. His wide knowledge and years of experience shows itself in almost every field he touches, and gives one a safety feeling. Therefore its not a surprise, I have considered him as a mentor.

Naim Mustafa, Frontend Developer at SteelEye

Hear a Blog was my first joint venture with Pablo. From the very beginning, he showed not only amazing technical expertise, but also a very sharp vision and ability to lead a business, putting us in touch with media personalities to give the company enormous visibility, finding advertising partners, and placing the product in front of potential investors.

Hear a Blog had an outcome that was far disproportionate to the investment that was put into it, and I credit Pablo’s business and leading skills to that success.

Daniel Magliola, Senior Staff Engineer, Indeed Flex

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Gowron, High Chancellor, Klingon Epire

Besides his deep and thorough understanding of a wide variety of computing topics, for me, what made Pablo exceptional was his interactions with staff, he made the effort to listen and act upon our requirements, plus he represented our point of view when not present in upper level management meetings. Top guy who I would gladly work with again.

Chris Morris, Cryptocurrency Architect & Engineer at Qredo

I found Pablo to be an excellent CTO, especially in the very challenging and ever changing environment of a startup. Pablo approached the role with enthusiasm, motivated the team, and was always ready to provide direction when needed, while letting team members work in a way which was most productive for them.

With Pablo as CTO, Qredo became a far more enjoyable place to work and he helped bring out the best in the whole team, inspiring us to put in the extra effort required to meet milestones such as our first major product launch. Aside from being a great CTO, Pablo was also a key member of the development team, involved in everything from coding to product architecture and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any organisation.

Jon Lansdell, Technical writer, trainer, developer

Picture of Vladimir Filipović

While at Google, Pablo built a very impressive system to test Gmail’s Priority Inbox machine-learning component. The challenge was that making changes to the machine-learning algorithm or its settings to fix one issue could generate many others silently. Pablo’s program would run several versions of the machine learning algorithm and chart the output against one another to surface those potential problems.

One of the hardest problems was figuring out which charts to generate and come up with new ones that could surface problems of which we didn’t know whether they existed or not. Pablo managed to nail this. The whole solution made use of Google’s distributed-computing infrastructure including BigTable.

Vladimir Filipović, Senior Software Engineer, Google

Picture of Juanjo Conti

Pablo was the best boss I ever had.

As a CEO, he understood the needs and requirements of the engineers and always showed strong leadership.

As a CTO, he had a solid background in computer science, knew very well all the tools that were part of our platform and was always up to date with the new technologies

Juan José Conti, Software Engineer, ShipHero

Picture of Lukas Eppler

Pablo came to us after working at google with the intent to apply his skills more directly and hands-on. Which he did: He deployed code to staging on the first day.

Pablo is an extraordinary developer, cutting through complexity, able to handle intricate problems with old and new code. His love for internal language structures allowed him to wrap his head around meta-problems, like parametrising several white-label-apps into one configurable whole. His approach shows how software engineering can be an art form and a craft.

— Lukas Eppler, CEO, Simplificator

Picture of Julian Johnson

I had the pleasure of co founding Carousel Apps. with Pablo, building a profitable SAAS business with £140k in total funding; no easy feat. Watu, a staff scheduling product built for the promotional staffing industry, now serves hundreds of customers across the world and tens of thousands of users on a daily basis.

Pablo was a pleasure to work with, a world class coder in his own right, he is passionate and deeply knowledgeable about the world of technology, both in relation to the advancement of technology and entrepreneurship, constantly studying methodology for best execution.

He built a solid team for us, hiring excellent coders and leading them adeptly as we fought for product market fit and deployed our finite resource to get to profitability.

If our project interests remained aligned, I’m now working on a project in a different vertical, I would happily work with him again.

Julian Johnson, Entrepreneur, Investor, Real Estate Developer

Pablo is one of the best programmers I’ve ever worked with. His amazing analysis skills, coupled with his ability to design useful and intuitive software, and his focus on reliability make him extremely proficient and productive.

As a CTO, his wide knowledge of multiple technologies and languages are vital at the time of picking the right tool for the job.

Daniel Magliola, Senior Staff Engineer, Indeed Flex

Pablo is a great technologist and leader, geek by nature and loves getting things done. Is a brilliant team player and ready to support anytime of the day. Great pleasure to work with.

Kam Patel, Customer Operations Director at Wifinity

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