Month: January 2010

  • I'm changing how I deal with spam

    My email address,, existed since around 1998 and was never obfuscated or protected in any way. Spam wasn’t such a huge problem in those days. Today my Spam folder has 3200 mails. My spam filter is quite good, but I still like going through my spam in case some non-spam message was thrown in […]

  • Some comments on This Week in Android #1

    I’m catching up with my podcasts and right now listening (and watching) to This Week in Android #1. I have some comments to add. First of all, I think it’s great they are making a show about it. I’ve been extremely excited about Android since day 1 (when I couldn’t tell anyone because it was […]

  • A message to kids: what is your passion?

    This message actually applies to everybody but I think it’s obvious how it applies to adults. What most kids don’t realize is that it applies to them too. If I ask you “What is your passion?” and you don’t give me a straight, simple and quick answer, you are in trouble. My passion is programming. […]

  • Distributed revision control was a breakthru

    I strongly believe in revision control. Back in the days when there wasn’t any other choice that CVS I spent countless hours setting up CVS servers and re-freshing my mind on its obscure commands and arguments, which were almost all of them. If you drop my copy of Professional Linux Programming it’ll open on the CVS […]

  • Erlang gen_server template

    I like Erlang and I like gen_servers, I end up coding a lot of stuff as gen_servers and I like behaviors in generally. I even wrote some myself. I haven’t used Erlang for a while. I’ve been playing with it in the last couple of days, hopefully I’ll announce something soon. I ended up creating […]