SpamMy email address,, existed since around 1998 and was never obfuscated or protected in any way. Spam wasn’t such a huge problem in those days. Today my Spam folder has 3200 mails.

My spam filter is quite good, but I still like going through my spam in case some non-spam message was thrown in there. I’ve tried cleaning it weekly, daily, whenever I have free time and even inbox zero. It’s a hassle and I’m tired of it.

My new way to deal with spam is ignoring it. Since my spam is deleted automatically whenever it is more than 30 days old, filling up my inbox won’t be my problem; and whenever I someone tells me “I’ve sent you an email, haven’t you receive it?” I’ll be able to search for it and find it if it was on the spam folder unless it’s more than 30 days old. The cases I won’t be able to spot are mails that just went there. Life is tough.