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  • What Star Trek: Discovery should have been

    What Star Trek: Discovery should have been

    My opinion of Star Trek: Discovery is positive, but there’s still something that annoys me and since it’s a bit of a spoiler, you should stop reading here until you watched season 1. Star Trek: Discovery shouldn’t have been a prequel. STD (oops, unfortunate acronym) should have been a sequel to all the other Star […]

  • Another Earth, my review

    I recently watched the movie Another Earth. The movie is really depressing, but aside from that it’s also bad. I should have stopped watching when the directory of SETI was trying to contact the other earth and said: Let’s try another channel Radios don’t have channels, unless the radios you know are the consumer devices […]

  • Don't ignore the technology!

    Technology is making the word more efficient. At some point, communicating with a person far away, required writing down the message with ink in a piece of dead tree and have someone or some company physically move that to the other location. Now we fire an email and it’ there in seconds. I’m actually not […]

  • What I didn't like about Avatar

    I’ve just seen Avatar. I liked it, except for one thing. In Avatar there are two societies, one is technologically advanced and believes in science; the other is religious. Of course they gave some consistency to the religion, but it remains a religion. The technological society, the humans, are warmongers; while the spiritual society is peaceful. […]

  • Some comments on This Week in Android #1

    I’m catching up with my podcasts and right now listening (and watching) to This Week in Android #1. I have some comments to add. First of all, I think it’s great they are making a show about it. I’ve been extremely excited about Android since day 1 (when I couldn’t tell anyone because it was […]

  • Please Select your Language

    I apparently speak Spain, United States, United Kingdom and Canada. I would also like to speak Germany because it might be useful in Switzerland, you see, in Switzerland they speak a version of Germany, something like Swiss Germany. As seen on http://easportsactive.com. And by the way, the reason why I was at their site is […]

  • The sad truth about testing web applications

    There are many ways to test a web application. In the lowest level, we have unit tests; in the highest levels we have HTTP test, those that use the HTTP protocol to talk to running instance of your application (maybe running it on demand, maybe expecting it to be running on a testing server). There […]

  • 150 years ago

    150 years ago a great man was born. His name was Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof and he was born to a world divided by language, a world of constant violence between polish, jews, russians, etc. All speaking different languages. He thought the problem of the world was that people could not understand each other and set […]

  • Redirecting on load

    Of all the bad practices I see on the web this ranks as very bad and I believe it’s not mentioned enough. It’ll easily make it to my personal top 5. I go to a web site, like example.com, and I immediately get redirected to an ugly URL beast, like example.com/news/today?date=2009-06-30&GUID=5584839592719193765662.Wha? Why? First, the site […]

  • NetBeans could make the Ruby on Rails experience great

    NetBeans could make the Ruby on Rails experience great for the vast majority of developers who are using Windows, where installing Ruby, Rails, PHP, MySQL, Python, etc is always a pain and the end result is ugly. But it falls short in some important ways which turned my experience with it into a nightmare. The […]