Month: April 2011

  • Careful with that email

    When you are building systems like my Keep on Posting or my DNSk9 that send emails there’s always the danger that you’ll accidentally fire emails from your development machine to real users. You really don’t want to do that because it’s annoying and extremely unprofessional. It happened to me a couple of times. Thankfully, nothing…

  • Keep on Posting in Startup Killer

    My startup project Keep on Posting was reviewed in Startup Killer. If you have a couple of minutes and want to do me a favor, please, take a look, comment, vote, etc: Thank you.

  • See the status of your trackings whenever you want

    In Keep on Posting you can now see the status of your trackings whenever you want (we still send the email alerts of course). If you hover your mouse pointer over a startus you’ll get a tooltip with more details:

  • Hiding suspended blogs and labels

    If you have, manage or keep track of a ton of blogs and twitter accounts like I do, I just implemented a couple of features in Keep on Posting that you’ll love: hide suspended blogs and hide link labels. Here’s a screenshot with everything being shown: and here’s another with everything hidden:

  • I got a whip

    I got a whip from Noreast Whips. I used it a only for a little while this evening and I already love it. Look at it, isn’t it beautiful? Most people ask me: why? Well, I grew up watching Indiana Jones, he was badass, he had a whip. Who didn’t as a kid improvise a…