Month: February 2012

  • A new personal best?

    I think I have surpassed my previous drawing. This one is done in white paper with a base of very diluted chinese ink.

  • Typing Esperanto in MacOSX

    In one way or another you can type Esperanto in any operating system without using the x-system (which I really dislike). Of all the operating systems and UIs I used (many!), the one that makes typing Esperanto the best is MacOSX, but you have to configure your keyboard properly first (this is for English based Qwerty […]

  • The importance of context

    Since I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time when I was 15 years old, I’ve been wanting to watch it on the big screen. Last Sunday I realized that dream. A little story about why that movie was so important to me. There’s a before and an after 2001 in my life. […]

  • Making your app work with no data

    Most applications, web, desktop or mobile, handle some kind of data. When we are developing them we generally generate some sample data to play with and we forget to ever run the application without it. The problem is that the first impression people will get of our app is without data. And first impressions are […]

  • ASCII Table of Correlatives

    Recently I needed the table of correlatives in pure ASCII form and I couldn’t find it online, so I built it (it took more time that I’m willing to admit): ┌───────────────┬──────────┬────────────┬────────────┬───────────┬──────────┐ │ │ Question │ Indication │ Indefinite │ Universal │ Negative │ │ │ ki– │ ti– │ i– │ ĉi– │ neni– │ […]

  • Drawing, proud for the first time

    Since I been taking drawing lessons I was never satisfied with the results. To be honest, the approach the teacher is proposing is not what’s natural for me, so it’s a struggle.