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  • Finally happy with the creation of a web site

    Finally happy with the creation of a web site

    In the past, I never managed to build a web site and feel happy with the process. Every time I finished building a web site I would have a list of things to never do again. Until now! So, I thought I’d share. First, by web site I mean content, like watuapp.com or screensaver.ninja, I […]

  • Making your app work with no data

    Most applications, web, desktop or mobile, handle some kind of data. When we are developing them we generally generate some sample data to play with and we forget to ever run the application without it. The problem is that the first impression people will get of our app is without data. And first impressions are […]

  • Increasing views without changing content

    Six days ago I’ve switched from Plone to WordPress, again. I want to take my blog and web site into a new direction so I wrote a bunch of  drafts. But something unexpected happened. It already got a new life and I only published one new post (which wasn’t very popular either). Analytics says that […]