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  • Typing Esperanto in MacOSX

    In one way or another you can type Esperanto in any operating system without using the x-system (which I really dislike). Of all the operating systems and UIs I used (many!), the one that makes typing Esperanto the best is MacOSX, but you have to configure your keyboard properly first (this is for English based Qwerty…

  • Are dynamic languages just a temporary workaround?

    This can unleash so much hate mail, but here it goes, my inbox is ready! Are dynamic languages just a temporary workaround? I’m not sure! I’m switching between the two types of languages all the time: Java, Python, C#, JavaScript. I’ll try to make the long story short. Statically typed languages, like Java and C#, are nice…

  • Typing Esperanto II

    I’ve created deb packages with my patches to Esperanto layouts. To use them, in Ubuntu, for they are packages for Ubuntu, just follow the instructions for my PPA and upgrade.Then pick them in the configuration as usual.