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  • What Star Trek: Discovery should have been

    What Star Trek: Discovery should have been

    My opinion of Star Trek: Discovery is positive, but there’s still something that annoys me and since it’s a bit of a spoiler, you should stop reading here until you watched season 1. Star Trek: Discovery shouldn’t have been a prequel. STD (oops, unfortunate acronym) should have been a sequel to all the other Star […]

  • Read this before watching Star Trek: Discovery

    Read this before watching Star Trek: Discovery

    I just finished watching Star Trek: Discover and although I’m not blown away, I did enjoy it and I’m looking forward to how the story continues. There were three points that felt wrong about the series but if you approach them with the right mind-frame you can minimize their impact on your enjoyment because they […]

  • Book Review: Armada by Ernest Cline

    Book Review: Armada by Ernest Cline

    Do not expect the book to be serious or high brow. It’s silly, predictable and satisfying. Very satisfying if you are a geek that enjoys pop sci fi and fantasy culture. If you enjoyed that aspect of Ready Player One, then you are likely to enjoy Armada too. If that’s you, go ahead and read […]

  • Book Review: Pandora’s Star by Peter F. Hamilton

    Book Review: Pandora’s Star by Peter F. Hamilton

    Getting though this long book felt like a chore but I dont want to give it a bad review because I think it was me and not the book. I’m having trouble connecting with fiction lately. Trying to be objective, it’s a rich story both in terms of settings, characters and development. Aside from some […]

  • Total Recalls

    We did the crazy thing. We watched 1990’s Total Recall while eating burritos and then went to the cinema to watch the remake. It’s hard to figure out which one is worse. Which is quite an achievement if you think about it. But let me start with a positive note, before I go all ranty about a […]

  • Another Earth, my review

    I recently watched the movie Another Earth. The movie is really depressing, but aside from that it’s also bad. I should have stopped watching when the directory of SETI was trying to contact the other earth and said: Let’s try another channel Radios don’t have channels, unless the radios you know are the consumer devices […]

  • The importance of context

    Since I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time when I was 15 years old, I’ve been wanting to watch it on the big screen. Last Sunday I realized that dream. A little story about why that movie was so important to me. There’s a before and an after 2001 in my life. […]

  • Science fiction fans: would you put your money where your mouth is?

    The SciFi channels changes its name to Syfy to be able to attract people that don’t like science fiction, pissing off scifi fans. Then they cancel good shows and keep crappy ones. Recently they’ve cancelled Stargate Universe and people is all pissed about it. Meanwhile Star Trek, once a magnificent series, is rebooted into a […]

  • What I didn't like about Avatar

    I’ve just seen Avatar. I liked it, except for one thing. In Avatar there are two societies, one is technologically advanced and believes in science; the other is religious. Of course they gave some consistency to the religion, but it remains a religion. The technological society, the humans, are warmongers; while the spiritual society is peaceful. […]

  • Is it Science Fiction?

    I go to a book store and after looking around I’m forced to ask. – Excuse me, where’s the science fiction section? The woman points to the back of the book store, to a poorly lit section, next to the book for kids sector full of toys and little chairs. Well, at least they have […]