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  • Typing Esperanto in MacOSX

    In one way or another you can type Esperanto in any operating system without using the x-system (which I really dislike). Of all the operating systems and UIs I used (many!), the one that makes typing Esperanto the best is MacOSX, but you have to configure your keyboard properly first (this is for English based Qwerty […]

  • ASCII Table of Correlatives

    Recently I needed the table of correlatives in pure ASCII form and I couldn’t find it online, so I built it (it took more time that I’m willing to admit): ┌───────────────┬──────────┬────────────┬────────────┬───────────┬──────────┐ │ │ Question │ Indication │ Indefinite │ Universal │ Negative │ │ │ ki– │ ti– │ i– │ ĉi– │ neni– │ […]

  • 150 years ago

    150 years ago a great man was born. His name was Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof and he was born to a world divided by language, a world of constant violence between polish, jews, russians, etc. All speaking different languages. He thought the problem of the world was that people could not understand each other and set […]

  • I speak Esperanto, the t-shirt

    I speak Esperanto, the t-shirt

    I’ve designed a t-shirt. In the front it says “Mi parolas Esperanton”. In the back it says: I speak Esperanto Yo hablo Esperanto Ich spreche Esperanto Je parle espéranto 我说世界语 Я говорю на эсперанто Io parlo Esperanto You can buy it now.

  • The need for a common language

    This is just one small example of why we need a international common language. In 1975, the World Health Organization refused: U$S 148,200 for a better public health service in Bangladesh U$S 83,000 to fight leprosy in Burma U$S 26,000 for basic hygiene in Dominican Republic U$S 0.50 per patient to cure trachoma, which has […]

  • My first Esperanto experience

    I decided, some years ago, to start learning Esperanto. I went to Lernu and spent three days learning. On the third day I’ve decided to open the instant messaging system on that web site to see what was going on. I ended up chatting with someone from Russia, in Esperanto. We talked about the usual […]

  • The first time I heard about Esperanto

    The first time I heard about Esperanto, I attacked it. Because that was what everybody around me did and I’ve learned from them. The second time, it annoyed me and I attacked again. The third time, I was indifferent. The fourth time, I was curious. The fifth time, I started to learn it. That’s why […]

  • Typing Esperanto II

    I’ve created deb packages with my patches to Esperanto layouts. To use them, in Ubuntu, for they are packages for Ubuntu, just follow the instructions for my PPA and upgrade.Then pick them in the configuration as usual.

  • Typing Esperanto in Ubuntu (or any other X)

    I’ve got tired of not being able to easily type in Esperanto in Linux. There are some articles out there explaining it how and the are always convoluted and I’ve never seen one that gets to the point of typing “ŭ”, the always try very hard to get “ĝ”. There’s an Esperanto layout in Ubuntu […]