The first time I heard about Esperanto, I attacked it. Because that was what everybody around me did and I’ve learned from them.

The second time, it annoyed me and I attacked again.

The third time, I was indifferent.

The fourth time, I was curious.

The fifth time, I started to learn it.

That’s why I keep repeating to anybody who’d listen: Esperanto, Esperanto, Esperanto, Esperanto, Esperanto. And I encourage others to do the same.

2 responses to “The first time I heard about Esperanto”

  1. gbanshee Avatar

    I really can’t understand why some people despise this language and brand it as a failure without even trying to learn it. It’s a real relief that you changed your mind about it, it’s one stop closer for Esperanto to become widely known :D I myself started learning it 2 days ago and I’m constantly amazed at how incredibly simple yet “complex” it is.
    If you’re an experienced Esperanto speaker, perhaps you could help me or give me some tips! I made a blog where I’ll track my progress in Esperanto (and maybe other languages in the future), drop by if you’re interested :)


    1. gbanshee Avatar

      Here is the link:
      (I changed the address after I posted the comment, so the link in my username doesn’t work)

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