Month: January 2016

  • What’s the meaning of life?

    What’s the meaning of life?

    Like the question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, I feel this question is repeated over and over like it’s some grandiose enigma with no solution. About the poultry question, at some point a non-chicken animal laid a non-chicken egg containing a chicken. Done! The egg was first. Back to the meaning […]

  • The book that changed my life will horrify some of my friends

    The book that changed my life will horrify some of my friends

    Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand changed my life. Whether that was for the better or worse, it’s up for each person to decide. For me, I’m very happy with the change and I’m glad it happened. I didn’t turn into an objectivist though. Literarily, I don’t think the book is great. I think Ayn Rand […]

  • Hell yeah or no

    Hell yeah or no

    In Tim Ferris’ interview of Derek Sivers, in which he says that if your answer to a question is not “Hell yeah”, it should be “no”. This got the “Hell yeah” from many listeners and some custom artwork created. But I’m not sure I agree. Let me elaborate a bit on the concept. Derek Sivers’ argument […]

  • Weeks are better than months

    Weeks are better than months

    If I say to you “let’s meet in a month” you probably won’t know exactly when we are meeting again. It’s an approximation at best. Do I mean 30 days? do I mean the exact same day number but on the next month? What if that month doesn’t have that day, like February 30th? What […]

  • LEGO-powered multi-party-popper deployer

    LEGO-powered multi-party-popper deployer

    On New Year’s day, my partners woke me up to the sound of “Happy New Year” and two party poppers going off. Then, they made the mistake of falling asleep on my bed. Revenge came, powered by LEGO, let me introduce you to The LEGO-powered multi-party-popper deployer: So, it actually didn’t work quite well, when […]

  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year! Up to now, Marty McFly has showed us what to expect, but from now on, we are in uncharted territory. It’s time to start making our own future, our own decisions. We can now focus on things more important than hoverboards. Just kidding, hoverboards are cool. More than four years ago I […]