Month: December 2009

  • Revisioning /etc with Git

    First and foremost I’m a coder, a coder who strongly believes in revision control. Second I am also a sysadmin; but only by accident. I have some servers and someone has to take care of them. I’m not a good sysadmin because I don’t have any interest on it so I learn as little as […]

  • Please Select your Language

    I apparently speak Spain, United States, United Kingdom and Canada. I would also like to speak Germany because it might be useful in Switzerland, you see, in Switzerland they speak a version of Germany, something like Swiss Germany. As seen on And by the way, the reason why I was at their site is […]

  • The sad truth about testing web applications

    There are many ways to test a web application. In the lowest level, we have unit tests; in the highest levels we have HTTP test, those that use the HTTP protocol to talk to running instance of your application (maybe running it on demand, maybe expecting it to be running on a testing server). There […]

  • Computer Science and Software Engineers

    Joel Spolsky published yet another complaint about what they teach people to get a Computer Science degree. I think he is right in complaining that no university is producing the kind of programmers he wants, but he’s missing one point. In Argentina there are two different careers related to programming: Computer Science, and Software Engineering. […]

  • 150 years ago

    150 years ago a great man was born. His name was Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof and he was born to a world divided by language, a world of constant violence between polish, jews, russians, etc. All speaking different languages. He thought the problem of the world was that people could not understand each other and set […]

  • Is it Science Fiction?

    I go to a book store and after looking around I’m forced to ask. – Excuse me, where’s the science fiction section? The woman points to the back of the book store, to a poorly lit section, next to the book for kids sector full of toys and little chairs. Well, at least they have […]

  • An intelligent music player

    I still haven’t found a good music player, for my computer that is. The one that got the closest to it was Amarok, but still it was very far away. My problem is that I don’t know what to listen to, really! I’m only just finding out what music to use  for coding. There’s one thing […]

  • Breaking the Monopoly-design monopoly

    I am talking about the game, you know, Monopoly! There are so many versions of it but the other day I’ve seen the most interesting one. No, not the Esperanto one: Monopolo. A do it yourself Monopoly, or a Make it yourself-opoly. From that I’m deriving the idea, why can’t you design your Monopoly in […]

  • What Joel Spolsky doesn't understand about Linux

    What Joel Spolsky doesn't understand about Linux

    Once again I hear Joel Spolsky saying the same thing about Linux that I consider wrong. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking that and I’m sure I’m not the only one writing about it, but I’m going to do it anyway. Joel’s position is that administrating Linux must be harder because something like […]