Month: October 2008

  • Closing tag in XML

    I always wondered why they didn’t allow an optional closing tag of “</>” that would close the corresponding open tag. For example: <p>This is a string with something <b>bold</> in it.</p> where “</>” is closing the <b> tag. Or: <blah><bleh><blih><bloh>bluh</></></></> which is shorter than: <blah><bleh><blih><bloh>bluh</bloh></blih></bleh></blah> I fell it is a shortcut like the stand-alone tag […]

  • How to create a Clojure application

    Update: this is not my preferred way to create a Clojure application and shouldn’t be yours either, check out Leiningen This is one of those posts that I publish partly for myself. And partly so people can criticize my way, which is also for myself, and only incidentally for others to learn from it. It […]