Month: July 2011

  • Getting started with La Clojure on Mac OS X, a visual guide

    These are instructions to get started with Clojure using IntelliJ IDEA, La Clojure and Leiningen for people that don’t know any of those tools. They are for Mac OS X but they may be adaptable to other operating systems as well. It doesn’t expect you to know Clojure or IntelliJ IDEA. I think this might […]

  • Why I love Smalltalk

    This post was extracted from a small talk I gave at Simplificator, where I work, titled “Why I love Smalltalk and Lisp”. There should be another post, “Why I love Lisp” following this one. After I learned my basic coding skill in more or less traditional languages, like C, C++, Python, there were four languages […]