Month: July 2009

  • Converting the ASP.NET MVC project into OpenID

    When you create an ASP.NET MVC project it comes with a controller called AccountController that manages logging in, logging out, registering, changing password and so on. Since usernames and passwords are dead I converted it into OpenID and I’m just pasting it here for everybody to use. I’m using the DotNetOpenAuth library which you have […]

  • Comment on Windows Weekly 116: Microsoft hasn't always been doing that

    On Windows Weekly 116, Paul Thurrott talked about Microsoft Office 2010 for the web and the plan to make it run on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. which is a great strategy for Microsoft and he said that Microsoft always did that: putting business first, with no agenda. I think that’s not true: Look at […]

  • Increasing views without changing content

    Six days ago I’ve switched from Plone to WordPress, again. I want to take my blog and web site into a new direction so I wrote a bunch of  drafts. But something unexpected happened. It already got a new life and I only published one new post (which wasn’t very popular either). Analytics says that […]

  • Comment on TWiT 204: Taste Like Dirt. Lending Kindle books

    On This Week in Tech 2004: Taste Like Dirt, Dwight Silverman proposed an interesting idea: to be able to lend books in the Kindle. The book would become unavailable on your Kindle and available on the other person’s Kindle, and after two weeks the book comes back automatically. I don’t think that feature would ever […]

  • If I were in charge of Skype

    This is what I would do if I were in charge of Skype, a product that could be doing much better. The big problem is, of course, adoption. Currently there are a lot of show stoppers: You have to go to the site. You have to download the software. You have to install it. You […]