Month: March 2011

  • What kills more, coal, oil, or nuclear?

    I think the recent post by Seth Godindeserves re-blogging, something I never do: Do you have an opinion about nuclear power? About the relative safety of one form of power over another? How did you come to this opinion? Here are the stats, and here’s the image. A non-exaggerated but simple version of his data: Continue reading […]

  • Suspending and activating trackings on Keep on Posting

    You asked for it and you got it. If you go on a vacation or you temporarily stop posting in a blog, you can now suspend the tracking at Keep on Posting (without deleting it) and activate it whenever you want. What’s the difference between suspending and deleting? There are two. First, you still have the […]

  • Data driven tests

    I’m not sure if anybody uses the terminology “data driven test” but if you explain what it is, experienced people will tel you that they are bad. Data driven tests are tests with the same code repeating over many different pieces of data. Let’s show an example. For my startup project Keep on Posting, I […]

  • Startup Weekend Lausanne 2011

    This past weekend I participated in the Startup Weekend Lausanne 2011, my first startup weekend ever. It was amazingly interesting. I worked on an application called Eneo. Eneo allows you to talk with people around you using your mobile phone, people that you don’t know, so the next time you are stuck at the airport […]

  • What is a "startup project"?

    I’m (hopefully) creating a term: “startup project”. A startup project is a project done on the side, not setting up a company, with or without partners, with the intention of one day becoming a startup. I don’t have a startup, but I have many startup projects. Many silly little ideas with great aspirations. I need […]

  • Tr3n, and a possible future of storytelling

    First, watch this: That’s awesome. Let me explain you why it’s awesome. Tron: Legacy was a sequel to Tron but there isn’t much that makes it a sequel. Actually, there are some contradictions. It seems like they revived the idea, ignored the original and went into another direction. But that teaser, that teaser picks it […]

  • Keep on Posting: for those that forget about their blogs

    Whether you forget about your blog or your twitter account because you have more interesting things to do, or you are trying to run 100 different blogs, this tool might come in handy: Keep on Posting. Keep on Posting periodically checks your blog, twitter account or anything that has a feed and analyses your posting […]

  • Idea: selling beauty products for males online

    The beauty industry is made by women, for women. They learn everything very young and for most of them, it’s just natural. For most males it’s intimidating and confusing. I had a very hilarious episode when I asked for “a beauty product” and my wife was tanding next to me and even though I was […]

  • Rake tasks for production

    When I need to run something periodically on production, I always implement it as a rake tasks and install it as a cron job. Nevertheless there’s some setup to do in the task to have proper logging and error reporting. This is the template I use for creating those tasks: namespace :projectx do desc “Do […]

  • More sense of humor

    If you are going to fail, fail funnily, like Tumblr…