Month: October 2009

  • Are dynamic languages just a temporary workaround?

    This can unleash so much hate mail, but here it goes, my inbox is ready! Are dynamic languages just a temporary workaround? I’m not sure! I’m switching between the two types of languages all the time: Java, Python, C#, JavaScript. I’ll try to make the long story short. Statically typed languages, like Java and C#, are nice […]

  • Almost losing faith in a product

    Seth Godin wrote an interesting blog post titled “Two ways to build trust” in which he says that, to gain someone’s trust, you have to either be very professional, or very human. You are either like Apple: everything just works because they are super professional, or you are Joe the Baker who would make a […]

  • If I were in charge of Audible

    I have one little idea to implement for Audible: make it free for blind people. I’m sure there are channels to verify whether someone is (legally) blind: government certificates, associations, or something like that. On third world countries, audio books for blind people are a rare and expensive luxury. Building a public library of them […]

  • Redirecting on load

    Of all the bad practices I see on the web this ranks as very bad and I believe it’s not mentioned enough. It’ll easily make it to my personal top 5. I go to a web site, like, and I immediately get redirected to an ugly URL beast, like Why? First, the site […]