Month: August 2016

  • Displaying Delayed::Job’s jobs in Active Admin

    I’ve been using both Active Admin and Delayed::Job for years now and both have served me very well. It’s very common for me to want to display job records in the admin tool and have some extra tools around them such as: the ability to mark them all for re-run the ability to run one […]

  • Nicer warning dialogs with Rails and Bootstrap

    Ruby on Rails has a very convenient way of presenting a dialog for potentially dangerous tasks that require some confirmation before proceeding. All you have to do is add A problem with those, though, is that most (all?) browsers make the dialogs quite ugly: For Call to Buzz, I wanted to finally have something better. […]

  • Left grouping label with Simple Form and Bootstrap 3

    If you are using Simple Form and Bootstrap 3, you probably initialized your app with something similar to: which adds a file called simple_form_bootstrap.rb to your application with many customizations that make Simple Form output nicely formatted Bootstrap 3 forms. For Call to Buzz, an app I’m building, I had several booleans to display, like this: My […]