Month: March 2010

  • LEGO!

    After watching AFOL A Blocumentary I got obsesed about LEGO. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a week, so I gave in and I bought some. AFOL A Blocumentary from AFOL on Vimeo. My style is technic, so I went and I bought the LEGO Technic Crane Truck (8258). Here’s a picture of it […]

  • Refactoring: Consolidate Duplicate Conditional Fragments; in Java, Python and Ruby

    I’m reading the book Refactoring and one of the refactorings it shows is called “Consolidate Duplicate Conditional Fragments” and it shows an example in Java: if (isSpecialDeal()) { total = price * 0.95; send(); } else { total = price * 0.98; send(); } is refactored into if (isSpecialDeal()) { total = price * 0.95; […]