Month: August 2010

  • Show a devise log in form in another page

    Show a devise log in form in another page

    Update: there’s a new version of this post covering Devise 4.0.0: Show a devise log in or sign up forms in another page Devise create various forms, among them one for signing up and one for logging in of course. These are the forms as they are generated in Devise 1.0.8: and If you try to […]

  • Don't ignore the technology!

    Technology is making the word more efficient. At some point, communicating with a person far away, required writing down the message with ink in a piece of dead tree and have someone or some company physically move that to the other location. Now we fire an email and it’ there in seconds. I’m actually not […]

  • Flying my Extra 300S

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  • Overview of my new Extra 300S Airplane: RCPowers Extra 300S Building material: EPP 6mm RG30 Motor: Yellow BL Proton 3S APC Propeller 8×3.8 Prop saver Servos: Tower pro SG91R ESC: Arrowind 12A Receiver: Futaba R607FS Batteries: Fullymax eXtreme Power FB1000XP-3S and 2S Glues: Epoxy, hot glue, CA. Carbon fiber strips. Shop: (Peter, the owner, spent two or three hours […]