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  • Suspending and activating trackings on Keep on Posting

    You asked for it and you got it. If you go on a vacation or you temporarily stop posting in a blog, you can now suspend the tracking at Keep on Posting (without deleting it) and activate it whenever you want. What’s the difference between suspending and deleting? There are two. First, you still have the […]

  • Keep on Posting: for those that forget about their blogs

    Whether you forget about your blog or your twitter account because you have more interesting things to do, or you are trying to run 100 different blogs, this tool might come in handy: Keep on Posting. Keep on Posting periodically checks your blog, twitter account or anything that has a feed and analyses your posting […]

  • Science is cool

    I’ve created a blog called: Science is cool It is my first try at a blog with a subject. The subject is, of course, science and coolness. Well, cool science. I find things related to science, every day, that are cool and I want to share them. Videos of experiments, conferences that are funny or inspiring. This is my […]

  • Fiction blogging

    As stories can be told in first person, or third person, in the form of a diary or a tale, as book or comic or movie; I was thinking that blogging could be a literarly style as well. I can think of two sub-genres. Historic and fantastic blogging. For historic imagine a blog written in […]