Tag: Darcs

  • Distributed revision control was a breakthru

    I strongly believe in revision control. Back in the days when there wasn’t any other choice that CVS I spent countless hours setting up CVS servers and re-freshing my mind on its obscure commands and arguments, which were almost all of them. If you drop my copy of Professional Linux Programming it’ll open on the CVS…

  • The single most important feature of Git

    My favorite versioning system was Darcs for a long time, but it didn’t really took off and a new competitor is taking off amazingly fast: Git. I believe the single most important feature of Git is to be able to clone (checkout in Subversion jargon) repositories from other systems, particularly SVN. That means that your…

  • Software Release Cycle

    A step by step description of a method to release software. No programming is covered and the cycle is the same for software in any language. The versioning system used is Darcs; this description may be easily adaptable to other versioning systems.