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  • Fiction blogging

    As stories can be told in first person, or third person, in the form of a diary or a tale, as book or comic or movie; I was thinking that blogging could be a literarly style as well. I can think of two sub-genres. Historic and fantastic blogging. For historic imagine a blog written in […]

  • The tracker for movies

    For showing what music I like, keeping track of what music I listen to, discovering new music and finding people with the same tastes I use last.fm. For doing that but with books I use aNobii. Is there anything like that for movies? If not, there’s a market.

  • A feature we need for the post-PC era

    The post-PC era is when we stop having PCs because we move to something else. You may think that’s unlikely and unrealistic but look at the evidence. At one time we had desktop computers and laptops started to appear. They were just toys for people with lots of money, then they became the second computer […]

  • Papers books are going away, and so does signing them

    Let’s face it: paper is dying. It’s going to be a slow death, but for some purposes it’s dying faster. Newspapers find themselves not being able to print anymore due to costs and books are starting to be digital. I’ve recently got a Sony PRS-505 which I love (and my wife does too). And of […]

  • If I were in charge of Audible

    I have one little idea to implement for Audible: make it free for blind people. I’m sure there are channels to verify whether someone is (legally) blind: government certificates, associations, or something like that. On third world countries, audio books for blind people are a rare and expensive luxury. Building a public library of them […]

  • Deferred Twitter posting

    Here’s an idea for those Twitter clients, web and desktops out there: deferred posting. One tweet per hour during eight hours is much more effective than 8 tweets in a row. But sometimes you want to write eight tweets in a row and I find two reasons to do that. You are using Twitter professionally, […]

  • It's time for search and replace

    Web browsers, like Firefox or Chrome, are no longer document viewers, but application platforms. I’d like to see browsers start to implement search and replace. Of course not modifying the page, just replacing the matching strings in forms. I’m really surprised it’s not implemented yet. In the last two weeks I needed this feature about […]

  • Comment on TWiT 204: Taste Like Dirt. Lending Kindle books

    On This Week in Tech 2004: Taste Like Dirt, Dwight Silverman proposed an interesting idea: to be able to lend books in the Kindle. The book would become unavailable on your Kindle and available on the other person’s Kindle, and after two weeks the book comes back automatically. I don’t think that feature would ever […]

  • If I were in charge of Skype

    This is what I would do if I were in charge of Skype, a product that could be doing much better. The big problem is, of course, adoption. Currently there are a lot of show stoppers: You have to go to the site. You have to download the software. You have to install it. You […]

  • Closing tag in XML

    I always wondered why they didn’t allow an optional closing tag of “</>” that would close the corresponding open tag. For example: <p>This is a string with something <b>bold</> in it.</p> where “</>” is closing the <b> tag. Or: <blah><bleh><blih><bloh>bluh</></></></> which is shorter than: <blah><bleh><blih><bloh>bluh</bloh></blih></bleh></blah> I fell it is a shortcut like the stand-alone tag […]