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  • Paper, Kindle, Audible, which one should I chose?

    Paper, Kindle, Audible, which one should I chose?

    All of them, of course, depending on what you are reading. Here’s a short overview of when to use each of them inspired by a Twitter conversation with Tania Dsouza. If the book is amazing and you need to highlight stuff, buy the Kindle version. If it’s a book that you lend or give away, […]

  • I have a problem: 3 or 5 stars?

    I have a problem: 3 or 5 stars?

    I’m an avid reader and I review every single book I read. I force myself to write at least two paragraphs. This is useful to me because sometimes I forget I have read something; seeing and reading back my own reviews answers the ‘did I already read that’ question but also refreshes my memory on […]

  • Reviewers in a WordPress blog

    In an effort to increase the quality of this blog I’ve engaged a couple of friends in reviewing my posts before they go out. I’m after typos, grammar and also “Are you serious? are you going to publish that crap?” or “You are going to get into trouble with that”. The best way to do […]

  • Score Reading Trainer 0.1.4 released

    I have just made a new release of Score Reading Trainer, 0.1.4. This release has a very important bug fix, thanks to Julian Kniephoff. The fix allows to use notes below the first line of the staff without getting the extra lines mixed and eventually crashing. It was also upgraded to compile correctly and easily […]