If you fancy Zope getting up and running on Ubuntu takes no time. Install in the usual simple and lovely way:

sudo aptitude install zope3

and you’ll get Zope 3.3.1, and of course, all the dependencies. To create an instance run:

/usr/lib/zope3/bin/mkzopeinstance -d instancename -u adminuser:adminpass --service-user=youruser:youruser

The first two parameters are optional. It is going to ask interactively for that information if not provided. The last part is essential. If you don’t provide the service user (and group), it will try to make zope:zope the owner of the instance and will fail, as a normal user doesn’t have the privileges to that. And anyway, you are coding, running as zope:zope is for production, not for coding.

After that you are done. Enjoy!