A friend of mine complained that after switching to my new site (from WordPress to Plone 3) my feeds stopped containing the full article and only the body. So this is how I fix it.

Searching for how to fix it on the Internet I’ve found several articles (and I’m adding one more!):

  1. PLONE 3 RSS: this solution fails in that it outputs the text as description and doesn’t output the description at all.In my case, the description is the start of the article, so that didn’t work. Now I’m not 100% sure that’s the case, but I think so (sorry, I won’t break my site again to check it out). This article points to another three.
  2. Full RSS-feeds for Plone: this one adds the content in a separate tag after the description. This one is better, but pay close attention to the comment, otherwise it’ll fail.One problem I’ve had with this one is that readers show either the description or the content; they interpret description to be meta-data and it’s not shown when the content is shown. That’s probably correct, but in Plone, the description is like an introduction to the article, being shown just below the title and above the main body text, and that’s what I needed in my feeds.
  3. Add the body text to your rss feed: outdated, I ignored it. It might have worked but it would have required a lot of tweaking.
  4. Add the body text to your rss feed (2): it’s also marked as outdated, but it is the same as “Full RSS-feeds for Plone”, just more graphical and integrating the important.

So, my solution is essentially 2 or 4, with the addendum of the description to the content:


If you are wondering, “74” is “<” and “76” is “>”.