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I was writing this long post about how to use rewrite rules to make Apache query itself and serve various sites through the same SSLed virtual host using only one IP. After about four hours of struggling with it I thought I was done but then while writing this article I found out I was wrong. Something was not working as expected. Did I face another 4 hours of Apache struggling?

Each extra IP at my hosting provider, which is great, costs 1$/month. My time is way more expensive than that and I hope yours is too. I was surprised when they asked me to justify the need for a third IP, but SSL certificate was a good enough justification and everything continued painlessly from there.

So, “SSL with multiple virtual hosts and only one IP”: don’t do it, it’s not worth it.

I bet I surprised you with the outcome of this post!

Reviewed by Daniel Magliola. Thank you!

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  1. Daniel Magliola Avatar

    For what it’s worth, this happens in IIS too. It’s fundamental to the way SSL works.

    Check here for more detailed answers:

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