When I write software, bug reports and feature requests are a blessing. It shows me that people is using it and want more. Silence is death. It’s nice to see an software project show appreciation for bug reports and I’m honestly impressed:

Dear NetBeans User,

In the past you have taken the time to report issues that you encountered while using NetBeans software. A new version (NetBeans 6.9) has just been released,and we’d like to inform you that the following issue(s) you reported have been addressed in the new release:

181509 Dot paths not available when adding new platform in Ruby Platform Manager
181766 Gem directories picked wrongly
181844 Search for RVM installations

Please visit the netbeans.org website to download NetBeans 6.9 and to learn more about the new release.

We appreciate your contribution to our efforts to make NetBeans software and features better for all users. And as always, we look forward to feedback from you about ways we can continue to improve.Thank you.

The NetBeans Team