At last I find someone that shares my view on passwords:

My thinking was similar but not the same. If you make me type symbols, upercase and numbers, you slow me down and make me error prone, giving more time for other people to figure out my password. If it’s a long phrase, all lowercase, after a week of using it I’m like a machine gun typing it… trrrr… done.

These days I’m quite fast with numbers, so my passwords do include numbers. But most of the passwords I auto-generate with a program, they are long, contain lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols. They are a mess.

Using those beautiful passwords I discovered something interesting. Many websites can’t handle passwords longer than 20 characters. Some throw weird errors, some send you back to the original register screen without saying what’s wrong and the most problematic ones are the ones that simple truncate your password. Everything seems to be fine until you try to re-login. It’s terrible.