We are very happy to announce version 0.2.0 of our form building library Free-form. This version includes:

The Bootstrap 3 support means that you can have whole fields defined as succinctly as:

[:free-form/field {:type        :email
                   :key         :email
                   :label       "Email"}]]



2 responses to “Free-form version 0.2.0 released”

  1. M S Weber Avatar
    M S Weber

    Change API from :free-form/input to :free-form/input .

    Is this an inside joke? Or is there a unicode character in there that I just don’t see?
    At least clojure doesn’t get the joke:

    (if (not= :free-form/input :free-form/input) :changed-api :retained-api)

    1. Pablo Fernández Avatar

      Thank you for reporting this Martin, this was an error and it’s now been corrected, the change is from :free-form/field to :free-form/input.

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