I just got an Icom IC-750 with the goal of going out in the open and the first thing I did is try to configure it with my computer because it’s what’s most convenient for me. I like keeping backups of various configurations and being able to go back to them. I’m also working on a project to help set up repeaters in this and others radios.

Unfortunately, I encountered the error:

Connected transceiver is not compatible model.

Check the following:

  • Appropriate programming software for the transceiver is being used.
  • The revision number of the transceiver

What was confusing is that the CS-705 was correctly seeing my connected IC-705:

I tried a few things, but long story short, my IC-705 had firmware version 1.31 and I was running CS-705 version 1.11 when only version 1.20 supports firmware 1.31. Now that I upgraded everything works:

And for the record, I’m running the USB driver version 1.12.

I find the Icom’s website to download the different versions of the software a bit confusing (especially the interactions between Icom UK and Icom Japan), but you can find it here: https://www.icomjapan.com/support/firmware_driver/?keyword=705&open=tab2&type=5#download_result

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