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  • Goodbye Apple

    Goodbye Apple

    My main computer was an Apple MacBook Pro for about 8 or 9 years. That is, until last January, when I said good-bye to Apple. It wasn’t easy, but the last iteration of the MacBook Pro is terrible. I’m not against the touch bar. I think keyboards need more innovation and I applaud the effort. […]

  • A browser in your screensaver is a square peg in a round hole

    A browser in your screensaver is a square peg in a round hole

    This blog post was originally published in Screensaver Ninja‘s blog. We were recently challenged by someone who asked what was so special about adding websites into a screensaver. Perhaps, at first, this doesn’t seem like a tough task but after months of challenging work, I can confirm it is. I realized I never shared exactly […]

  • If I were in charge of Adobe

    Clearly, Adobe is losing the battle with Apple. There’s no Flash on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and there’s no sign that there will ever be. Apple is not a company that can be easily influenced. They do things the way they think is right even when everybody else disagrees. Even when everybody predicts […]

  • The iPad's lack of Flash is a win-win situation

    It seems iPad lack of Flash support is the debate of the moment. On one camp: “You can’t use the web without Flash”, on the other camp: “We don’t need no stinking Flash”. Although I do realize how a technology like Flash is sometimes needed, I’m more on the second camp. The less flash, the […]